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most of you know this already, but I might possibly have a hard time being decisive about, well, pretty much anything. not only am I indecisive, but I change my mind frequently on not-so-important-things. my favourite colour changes about every six months, I get into different types of art, and eventually that new fashion trend that I loathe- i end up falling for. I’m a complicated soul.


so I’ve decided to share my latest obsessions- erm- I mean, favourites, of the month, or every few months (whatever I end up getting time to blog). just for fun. if anything, you can laugh at my quirkiness.

favourite things | march

1) chevron print… it’s been a craze for a while now and I have also succumbed to it’s charms. this print in particular is a rug from overstock.com which I would love to have in a future home (I’m also kinda obsessed over homemaking right now… can you be “nesting” even if you’re nowhere possibly near being pregnant??)
2) foxes… some people want a pet polar bear or tiger. i want a pet fox. they’re pretty and smallish and look uber softy. wouldn’t it be fun to cuddle one like a cat? i just love the little expression of mischief on their faces. I know, it’s unrealistic. but a girl can dream. oh, and I love their tails.
3) watercolour & oil paintings… my latest art obsession. I spent about an hour perusing Etsy one evening for watercolour paintings, especially of red poppies, although I don’t know where that particularity came from.  I also very much like impressionism, like Monet, Degas & Mary Cassatt- there’s something pretty about the soft colours and strokes.  Eventually I would love to have a couple pretty paintings for my walls.
4) silhouettes… a lot of it started with Jane Austen somehow. to me, silhouettes are fun, romantic, and whimsical. Whenever I get married, somehow I will incorporate silhouettes into the theme/decor.
5) navy… one of my more recent wardrobe colours of choice is navy blue. i don’t know why. but it does pair well with mint green (see obsession #8). the end.
6) birds… especially little bird printed fabrics. also, tying the pattern into obsession #3, I would like to find a watercolour or oil painting of a bird. just one. no flashy background, just some colour and a little bird.
7) leopard flats… ok, so you know how I said some fashion trends eventually win me over? well, I despised anything animal print for the longest time. it makes me think of an over make-uped, nip-tucked cougar-woman in leather and hideous fur. ick. buuut, slowly, I started warming up to the idea of leopard print flats. it’s a slight touch to an outfit, and not too flashy. I hope. so now I actually have a pair ($20 from Target). but leopard is the ONLY one i can do. no zebra for this girl (plus also, the flats go with a lot, surprisingly).
8) mint green… another colour fav. but actually I’ve liked this colour for a while, and now it’s everywhere and I’m afraid soon I’ll get burnt out. but for now it’s fun, feminine, and fresh- I am SO ready for spring!! it’s a common outfit- a flowy mint top with white skinny jeans and leopard print flats. *cheesy grin*
9) coloured pants… although I haven’t worn them in a while, I still love my cobalt blue dress slacks that I got from NY&Co. back when I was workin’ at the Farm. Amazingly they still fit, unlike my pair of green skinny jeans from Old Navy. I’ve had my eye on several pairs on ModCloth.com and this summer I hope I can venture out and get some yellow, or mint skinnies.
10) throw pillows… again with the homemaking. but isn’t that just one of the cutest things ever? it is from Society6.com, a site I recently discovered through the blog I follow, ABeautifulMess.typepad.com. S6 has all sorts of fun graphic art that can be printed on pillows, iphone cases, totes, or even just as wall art. I’ve pinned quite a few pillows for future reference- I particularly like the typographical ones, which leads to my almost last obsession…
11) typography… it’s such a thing. how did it start? I don’t know, you’ll have to research it (you thought I would give you a history didn’t ya?). typography art is all over the place and can be purchased on sites like Etsy, but being the creative guru that I am, I don’t like the idea of buying something that I can most likely make myself. I’ve played around on photoshop with different fonts, but mostly I have used Overgram, one of the several typing apps I have on Leia (iphones are fantabulous).
12) nail art… Finally, I like painting my nails. I always have. but like everything else, I go through phases and don’t always take the time to do it. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to nail art, so I won’t paint my nails unless I have some time to spare. Pinterest is chock-full of ideas, and the source of most of my inspiration. again, it’s such a “thing” right now.
So that’s it for now. sheesh, I didn’t even get into favourite music or food… those could be their own seperate posts for when I have nothing better to do… hope you enjoyed!
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ps. the collage was created using Polyvore… yet another “obsession” (insert Humphrey the Bear “hehe”).
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