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Along with figuring out how to navigate wordpress [and posting more regularly], I have been dreaming and scheming about what I hope this blog will become some day- Mandi at aptly calls it “blog puberty”. though my blog is still practically a helpless newborn, its awkwardness is more like a tween/ teenager who doesn’t exactly know who it is yet (oh those awkward years… much longer for some *ahem*).

Years ago, after watching Julie & Julia, I was inspired to do a food blog. that was back when I cooked a little more regularly, and though I do still cook sometimes (when I’m not intimidated by my awesome brother who usually does), I don’t really have the time to document it along the way. well, if I do it’s more like snap some photos with my phone and post them to instagram, cuz I mean, who doesn’t want to see like 5 photos of the process of cheesecake in iphone quality, right? (I might actually share that recipe at some point. SO GOOD).

Anyways,  where was I? oh yes, Julie & Julia… [sidenote: if you haven’t seen that movie, just do it].

so I wanted to blog about my cooking, because also I love photography and writing so what better way to combine 3 loves? (even though “the whole world and his wife” has a blog). Also, I’m kinda all over the map (I’ve been likened to a squirrel), so if my dream blog ever becomes reality, it’s gonna be crazy people. This one was born to keep folks back in FL in the loop of my random little life here in WV, but it’s gonna grow into something beautiful and better! i hope. once we are settled in Charlottesville, I intend to get cracking.

so stay tuned for recipes, {better} photographs, maybe some fashionishness (not fashion tips- I’m not that good), and hopefully some creative writing. in the meantime, check out my inspiration aka the other blogs I follow. They are all fantastic and I aspire to glean from each lovely lady.

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packing. it is about that time that I would be boxing up my belongings to head back to Florida, but instead, my destination is Charlottesville, VA. Kim has taken a new position with a new company, putting her back in sales (much better than the management position she was in), with a territory or VA, NC, SC and GA. she and
Matt detest Morgantown, for it’s poor streets, poopie weather, and lack of kiddie activities, and are very ready to leave it all behind. 

I can understand their concerns, but I don’t mind the town as much- plus also I have made some good friends, like Destiny and Andrea, and will miss them, along with the other girls in my small group. I am, however, excited to narrow down the drive to Williamsburg from 7 hours to only 2 at the most… I am very much looking forward to actually being able to see Ryan more than every two weeks!!

we have to be out of the townhouse by April 30th, which means we have six weeks to pack AND still find a house. it will be interesting/ challenging because Matt is still in school and working, and Kim is going to be in and out of town travelling for the new job. but we can do it. We already have made a good start.

Kim and Matt are looking for something with a yard, an extra room to be used as a study, and space for a future Baby Schwab (of course by then, I will probably be living in an adorable, shabby chic studio apartment with my faithful dog that I have yet to adopt and working at an art gallery, so they can use my room). 

Next week we are taking a couple days of Matt’s spring break to visit Charlottesville and check out rentals and Matt and I are gonna scout out some jobs. We are pretty excited- it is finally happening! Who knew that in the course of one year I’d live in 3 different states? not this person!

Wowie wow wow.


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photographical excursions

Destiny is a kindred spirit. We always have lots of fun together and today was no exception. we both enjoy photography so we decided to make an adventure out of it and snap some shots around town… It was 32 degrees and snowed off and on all day, but we suffered through it for art’s sake. and it was totally worth it! first we took some shots at Woodburn Hall in Downtown Morgantown at the university, then, spotting the student Barnes&Noble, we popped in for some coffee (and a sample from their bakery. or 2).

then we hopped onto 79 and drove about 30 miles to see what we could find, and what we found, was Dunkin Donuts. We are such bad influences on each other. (did you know you can order K-cups through the drive thru? to make it legit, we HAD to order a donut…).


we ended up turning back around and going to the arboretum where we got several good shots in the bleakness of the “woods”. By then we were freezing, so we warmed up in the car and drove to the waterfront- which of course was colder but totally worth it. Here are some highlights from the day…



oh, and we finished our adventure with food, of course… a delicious spicyish Asian pizza at the Mountain State Brewery. 

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