Thankful. (warning: slightly cliche-ish)

I am thankful for a God who supplies ALL my needs. Not just the abundance of food we enjoyed yesterday. Not just a family who loves me- here and in Florida (and NC). Not just clothes to keep me warm in this West Virginian mountain winter. Not just a bank account that is stretching through this new endeavor.

BUT I am grateful that my {biggest need} has been met: I have a Savior who loves me enough to rescue me and call me His own, who has *promised* me good things — I just have to remember that “good” does not always equal “easy”…

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hard when you’re not with loved ones, and there are a LOT of people I love that I am not with this year for one reason or another. Amid the excitement of uploading Christmas music to my ipod this morning and planning our excursion to buy a real tree this weekend, the bittersweetness of life’s changes keeps a little sadness tucked away in the back of my mind.  I’m [not depressed] or anything, but I sometimes wonder if I will have 2 years in a row or more where I am not missing some friend or family member.

That being said, I feel like a Debbie-Downer and you’re probably thinking “where’s the thankfulness in this post??” I fall into the trap of discontentment and doubt God’s promises that He is good and then of course, I feel like crap for whining and wallowing in self pity.

So despite my constant fight to trust God in all things, my whiny heart and random mopes, I am thankful that I have a trustworthy God who never gives up on me. Never. Whenever I focus on Him and the fact that I will never lose Him, peace marches into my wayward heart and slays the enemies lies. MY Heavenly Father truly is the best thing to be thankful for, and my heart breaks for those who do share this hope.

“Hallelujah! All I have is Christ! Hallelujah! Jesus is my life” – All I Have is Christ, Na Band

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


ps/ FYI I’m not depressed. Just a little reflective today resulting in my more dramatic side. don’t freak out.




About Rebekah Schwab

A Christ seeking, people loving, wanderlusting, photo taking, art creating, usually singing, food cooking, sporadic blogging, ever learning, flat-lander aunt who can maybe sometimes possibly not really make up her mind.

2 responses to “Thankful. (warning: slightly cliche-ish)

  1. momma

    Not freaking.
    Missing you and our regular Thanksgiving festivities, tho we will probably have to make a new regular.
    Have good weekend!

  2. dams

    not freaking out. 😉
    so grateful for this hope, AMEN. been preaching the same truth, still waiting for that peace but i know it’s on its way!

    the bittersweetness of life’s changes, God’s perfect all-wise plans that don’t make sense here in the land of finite understanding and blurry vision…. i *completely* understand.

    i love you.

    thank YOU for loving Jesus. for fighting to find all sources in our Father.

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