Thankful. (warning: slightly cliche-ish)

I am thankful for a God who supplies ALL my needs. Not just the abundance of food we enjoyed yesterday. Not just a family who loves me- here and in Florida (and NC). Not just clothes to keep me warm in this West Virginian mountain winter. Not just a bank account that is stretching through this new endeavor.

BUT I am grateful that my {biggest need} has been met: I have a Savior who loves me enough to rescue me and call me His own, who has *promised* me good things — I just have to remember that “good” does not always equal “easy”…

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be hard when you’re not with loved ones, and there are a LOT of people I love that I am not with this year for one reason or another. Amid the excitement of uploading Christmas music to my ipod this morning and planning our excursion to buy a real tree this weekend, the bittersweetness of life’s changes keeps a little sadness tucked away in the back of my mind.  I’m [not depressed] or anything, but I sometimes wonder if I will have 2 years in a row or more where I am not missing some friend or family member.

That being said, I feel like a Debbie-Downer and you’re probably thinking “where’s the thankfulness in this post??” I fall into the trap of discontentment and doubt God’s promises that He is good and then of course, I feel like crap for whining and wallowing in self pity.

So despite my constant fight to trust God in all things, my whiny heart and random mopes, I am thankful that I have a trustworthy God who never gives up on me. Never. Whenever I focus on Him and the fact that I will never lose Him, peace marches into my wayward heart and slays the enemies lies. MY Heavenly Father truly is the best thing to be thankful for, and my heart breaks for those who do share this hope.

“Hallelujah! All I have is Christ! Hallelujah! Jesus is my life” – All I Have is Christ, Na Band

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


ps/ FYI I’m not depressed. Just a little reflective today resulting in my more dramatic side. don’t freak out.




short. ish.

I apologize to my faithful friends and family who frequent this blog for having nothing new since last month… I either do not have much time to sit a write, or am too lazy to sit long enough to think up something semi-witty. Mostly the later. 

So a few updates:

We are all sick. I think today makes it a week, or six days, I can’t remember. It started as a head cold, and now it’s in our chests, so there is a lot of hoarse squawking, coughing, and wheezing (and still a little nose whistling and running). Plus also, 4 new teeth have decided it was a good time to surface in Violets mouth. 2 are molars, so you parents can imagine how tragic this week has been. Eh. But life is carrying on as usual- Matt goes to school and Kim goes to work, and Violet and I go on adventures.

I had an interview at Starbucks last Wednesday, and thought it went very well. But since it was with the shift manager and not the hiring manager (who was out due to sinus surgery), I was told I wouldn’t hear back til at least Monday, and if not by Tuesday afternoon, to call him. Long story short, I have called 2x and have yet to speak with “Mike”. I am hoping it is just cuz he hasn’t gotten a chance to review with the other guy.

I’ve made several friends at Chestnut Ridge Church, as well as joined a smallgroup. It’s made up of about 11 girls around my age and we meet once a week. I am really excited about getting to know these girls and hope to be used by God in their lives. This week’s meeting was another confirmation of my moving here– without going into detail, some things were shared and I truly believe God has us all in this group for a purpose and to love and serve each other. I do MISS my small group back home SO so much though! 

(shout-out to the Morales group!! y’all are probably just now wrapping it up… Nora will probably linger to chat more, and I would clean your kitchen, Anna, if I were there. Wish I were cuz I want in on those chats!).

Anywho, aside from the smallgroup, I met some other people 2 Sundays ago at a luncheon for “Emerge” (I think it’s the college ministry). I wasn’t planning on going cuz I’m on the {old side} but was invited by someone who reached out to me (that was a first). Technically, my very first friend was Andrea.

Andrea’s mom Melissa works with Kim in the Uniontown, PA office. Kim gave Melissa my number who gave it to Andrea (I think this was before I even got here?), and sweet Andrea texted me the second week I was here. We bonded quickly over text messaging and even more so when we were finally able to meet a few weeks ago. On a very cold, very wet and dismal Sunday afternoon, over a hot drink, I found another Kindred Spirit in Andrea 🙂 Besides being sweet and cute, she obviously loves the Lord [and Agatha Christie&Jane Austen]. The only downside is she lives almost an hour away. But we are making it work 🙂

SO my lovely loving family and friends that I love, and maybe random strangers that I don’t know (you know who you are), that is all, for now I am tired and have this thing about not liking to be the last one to go to bed. Hopefully everyone will sleep well and not keep poor Kim up with our coughing *again*. Aaand hopefully the Cat in the Hat TV theme song will get out of my head!!! darn you Early Morning TV.


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