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“I like to start my notes as if we’re already in the middle of a conversation”- You’ve Got Mail

Today marks a week that I have been here. And I am loving it. Matt and Kim are very patient with me learning Violet’s schedule, and are mindful of giving me time to myself after a long week (and in between too), and Violet and I are already bffs. She is stinkin’ adorable and it’s fun to help her and watch her develop. I love to cuddle with her when she’s actually sitting still.<<<V torturing Malachi with bacon.

Some things I have learned// am getting used to here, to give a brief overview of the week:

1) Stairs. Really? stairs? yes, I have lived in a single story house for 25 years so 17 steps not only up to my bedroom, but 17 steps up to the house (they live in townhouse). It’s a great workout carrying a kid and bags up steep steps! I’ve already “fallen” down once, thankfully no babe in arms.
2) Dog hair. It’s been a while since I’ve lived with a dog in the house and I have to just accept the fact that his hair is a part of me now.
3) Getting out of the house on time. Tricksy getting myself and a restless 19 month-old dressed, hair, etc. and out the door with time to enjoy an outing before it’s nap time.
4) It takes longer than a week to adjust to a new schedule.
5) Make sure your brother’s Jeep is gone before you back out of the driveway.
6) Don’t give baby the keys while you strap her into her carseat- thank goodness for spares (and thank goodness I learned that one via someone else).
7) MACs. seriously, if I don’t learn to use this thing soon, I will make up my mind and hate them all.

… And the list will continue I am sure.

On another note, who knew you could experience such drastically different churches in one morning?

8AM- visited an Episcopal church… I grew up in a non-denomanatiol church, and even though I had visited my grandparents Presbyterian church on numerous occasions, this was a little more… interesting? I’m sure they love the Lord, and the people (the 6 that were there) were warm and friendly, but I felt like a giraffe amongst penguins. ok, that was a weird analogy. Bottom line- I stuck out, or at least felt that way. I kept watching the others out of the corner of my eye to make sure I was doing the right thing at the right time (Kim had her hands full with Little Miss V). They didn’t seem to mind me fumbling thankfully. and it’s not like church is about me.

{{9AM- home for breakfast- eggs and BACON. yum.}}

11AM- service at Chestnut Ridge Church. A non-denominational church that reminded me of First Baptist World –er– of Orlando. Police officers were directing the traffic off of the highway to the property. I was encouraged to see people of all ages there, lots of families, and I’m sure there were more kids that were in children’s ministry.
Whenever I visit other churches, I miss Grace. I try not to be judgmental or prejudice, but growing up in only 2 different churches that were very similar in their approach, I tend to be a little bias. I did know one song the rockin’ band played- the Revelation Song, which always manages to stir my emotions and I fought hard to keep the tears back. Partly because the song moves me, also because it was familiar, and reminded me of Grace and how much I love that church and the people in it.
Anyways, the message was on being doers of the Word, not just hearers, and I felt like the pastor really meant what he preached, and that it was Scripturally based. therefore, despite the awkward amount of hype I felt the praise and worship part produced, I would like to go back. I hope I can meet people this time.

The rest of the day was relaxing. Oh, and I am eating splendidly here… Kim made a shrimp dish tonight with spinach, kalamata olives, marinated mushrooms, whole wheat penne, and garlic. DELISH!
I would seriously post about our food all the time if I could. (For my bday, I probably will- we’re making Moroccan chicken in a tagine, stuffed mushrooms and something else for apps, Matt is going to make cocktails, and we will attempt homemade pumpkin ice cream *yum*). yayforrandomfoods. AND Steph will be here!!
Alrighty, I must be off to bed. Toodles!


Welcome to Morgantown!

This blog is mainly for family and friends back home in sticky FL to follow my {mis}adventures here in WV (BTW, not to rub it in, but right now I’m freezing).

Apologies for not getting this up sooner… It’s been a crazy week getting settled, and my laptop is being irritable and not connecting to the internet, so I am at the mercy of Matt and Kim’s electronics (although I did manage to figure out how to do it on my smarty pants phone). Also, I’m still getting used to my way around wordpress and managing the look, so if one day all of a sudden my site takes on a completely different appearance, don’t fret, it’s still me 🙂

A few things I would like to say about this blog before I close this very short post:

1) Please ignore mispelling, bad grammar (ie. runon sentences, etc.), or poor post contruction.
2) Like I said, until I get my laptop working, posts may be sporatic. some days I may just post a photo through my phone.
3) Following that note, if you do not have an instagram, you can follow pics I post at http://web.stagram.com/n/auntiebeks findings courtesy of Damaris aka by bestest friend in the whole wide world. (just don’t click on any other users who may have ‘liked’ a pic, cuz some people I don’t know and there are a bunch of crazies out there).
4) I thought I had a 4th thing, but now I can’t remember.

Sorry this is so short, I will have to write more of [interest] later. Maybe even later tonight *gasp*.

Love y’all,

~Rebekah/ Auntie Beks/ Bekah/ Miss Rebekah/ Reba

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